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Industrial Batteries

Industrial batteries

Keep your business powered up with our extensive range of batteries for any industrial application.

Our expert battery team can recommend, supply and install:

  • forklift batteries

  • bobcat batteries

  • backhoe batteries

  • bulldozer batteries

  • excavator batteries

  • tractor batteries

  • all other industrial or heavy machinery batteries

No matter the job - warehousing, factories, large-scale industrial sites or a straightforward earthmoving company - our range of batteries will keep you moving forward and making money.

Our world class battery brands are perfect for Australian working conditions because:

  • they have a longer lifespan so you spend less replacing batteries

  • they offer excellent performance in tough Australian conditions

  • they’re built with an internal rust-free calcium metal

  • they’re constructed with excellent heat and cool temperature tolerances

  • they're maintenance free, so you can spend more time working on your business and not on your equipment

When you order new batteries through Cairns Batteries, you’ll get a quality product that features an in-built charge indicator that makes it easy to see when replacement is necessary and which also has a durable handle for storage and installation.

Our friendly team of battery experts offer fast turnaround on battery deliveries and can arrange immediate installation, so you can get your equipment back on the job quickly and efficiently.

We are the industrial battery specialists in Cairns and surrounding areas, with the knowledge and experience to get you back to work quick smart!

To find out more, or to order batteries, simply give us a call today! 0428 665 013

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