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For more information, or to order a battery for your needs, just give our friendly team a call today! 0428 665 013

Our team of battery experts have been helping people find the right battery for the job for over two years.

For Cairns and surrounding areas, we have the product range and type to suit any personal or business project, vehicle or marine needs. Our fantastic selection of maintenance free batteries are competitively affordable, quality made and highly reliable…and if you need a battery now, we offer a fast turnaround on all products.

Our friendly team are ready and waiting for your call, so for more information about our batteries or to organise a delivery, we invite you to give us a buzz today on 0428 665 013

At Cairns Batteries, we pride ourselves on having the right battery for the job.

Ask us about batteries for vehicles, marine use, heavy machinery or industrial purposes - not only can we supply, deliver and install, but we do it at highly competitive rates and with a fast turnaround.

We specialise in the world’s most trusted brands that are used and recommended by major companies and industries across the globe.

We can help with batteries for a range of uses, including:

  • Vehicle - car, motorbike, golf buggy

  • Marine - boat, jet ski, tinny

  • Heavy machinery - bus, truck

  • Industrial - forklifts, bobcats, backhoes, dozers, excavators

For Urgent Roadside Assistance 24/7 Call 0428 665 013  

Last night the battery in the wife's Subaru died. We got in contact with Michael (via Google) and purchased a replacement battery from him while he was at Officeworks getting school supplies for his kids. Michael was great to deal with, and made a potentially stressful situation a walk in the park. I fit the battery and got the car home safe and sound by 10pm that night. I'm a big believer in praising good customer service, and last night we had great service from Michael, he does your business proud.

- Brad

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